Wednesday, April 11, 2012

well well well , so it starts .

well with the nhl playoffs starting tonight , the bruins start tommorow night against washington capitals. this should be a great series . the nba is winding down their regular season as well and the celtics seem to be playing great basketball down the stretch including home and home crushings of the all mighty miami heat . hopefully they can hang on to the division lead and roll along as the 3 or 4 seed . that should help this aging veteran team to a long playoff run . and now finally time to talk about the red sox .
             i thought that the only problem this team would have would be the manager but totally wrong there . bobby v has made the right moves , too bad ben cherington and larry luchino didnt . they let papelbohn go via free agency and brought in 2 shlepps that have gotten hurt and blasted out of parks respectively . they moved bard to the rotation and that didnt go so well either . they have no closer and their starters have not delivered , except jon lester , whose pitched lights out only to get no run support and lose his first 2 starts .
  something has to change soon , they are 1-5 to start after 2 series , or there will be plenty of seats at fenway . time for the owners to start worrying about baseball again , instead of nascar and english soccer , which theyve bought into while owning the sox . i think the sellout streak is in jeopardy .

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  1. great job, keep up the good work !! I still cant seem to find where to join your blog tho?