Sunday, April 22, 2012

wow , really ?

well , 14 games into bobby valentines era as red sox manager they stink . theyve won 4 games with the last loss coming to the yankees after leading 9-0 in the 6th inning . not to mention the 100th anniversary game that they also lost to the yankees, after the parade of old sox heroes from way back(johnny pesky ) and not so far back(terry francona) . but saturday leading 9-0 they became the first team in history to lose a game by 6 runs after  they led by nine runs . pitiful . and that was following a 18-3 drubbing from texas in fenway
         i'm so glad that the bruins were able to get the win today in washington . i couldn't even put my thoughts down on here following the loss on saturday . they've shown some flashes of the bruins we know and love but haven't put together a full 60 minute bruin effort yet in the first 6 games . all 6 games have been decided by 1 goal , a new record , and the bruins have home ice for game 7 . its win or go home now . i'm looking for them to come out flying and hitting everything in a washington uniform . getting traffic in front of holtby and hopefully the real tim thomas will show up . the one that made that tremendous stick save today , not the one who let the puck slide 5 hole to tie the game . 3 wins down , one more to go to get by washington . then theres 12 more to get . and a possibility of getting ottawa in the next round . lets go bruins lets go bruins lets go bruins lets go bruins lets go bruins lets go bruins lets go bruins !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 and the celtics locked up the 4th seed in the nba and are heading for the playoffs now too . go celts .

Sunday, April 15, 2012

hockey playoffs

well the playoffs have started and boy is it wild . the bruins and capitals are tied at 1 game apiece and so is ottawa and the rangers . florida and new jersey plat game 2 tonight and philly has been crushing pittsburgh all series and lead 3-0 . the philly pittsburgh series has been unreal . up and down action , big hits , fights , and a ton of goals .  i think pittsburgh is 1 and done this year .
                   the bruins and capitals have been in 2 tight games so far both going into overtime . boston won game 1 in ot 2 minutes in and in game 2 it went into the 2nd overtime and the capitals ended up scoring to tie the series at 1 game each heading back to washington . hopefully thomas wont be distracted by the media hounding him over not going to the white house again .
          i havent seen much of the other 2 eastern series and not alot of the western series either  but watch out for the predators , they went into detroit today and got a win to take a 2-1 series lead and vancouver is starting marbleheads own cory schneider in net tonight against los angeles looking for a spark trailing 2games to none after being the presidents cup winner . (#1 overall seed in case you didnt know )

Thursday, April 12, 2012

defense of the cup starts tonight .

here we go folks . the bruins start the defense of the cup tonight against the washington capitals . i personally wrote the capitals off earlier this year because the started so poorly and their coach was terminated after a couple seasons as a flawed number one seed and losing early in the playoffs . anyway they rallied and got into the playoff chase and came from nowhere to over take ottawa for the 7th seed . if the bruins let ottawa winthe 2nd to last regular season game theyd be playing ottawa tonight . but instead they did what the bruins do , beat them down .
         so this first series will be alot tougher than it would have been but i think the bruins will play their game , be physical and aggressive with everyone back on defense , and take this series in 6 games .
  lets go bruins lets go bruins lets go bruins letsgo bruins lets go bruins lets go bruins lets go bruins lets go

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

well well well , so it starts .

well with the nhl playoffs starting tonight , the bruins start tommorow night against washington capitals. this should be a great series . the nba is winding down their regular season as well and the celtics seem to be playing great basketball down the stretch including home and home crushings of the all mighty miami heat . hopefully they can hang on to the division lead and roll along as the 3 or 4 seed . that should help this aging veteran team to a long playoff run . and now finally time to talk about the red sox .
             i thought that the only problem this team would have would be the manager but totally wrong there . bobby v has made the right moves , too bad ben cherington and larry luchino didnt . they let papelbohn go via free agency and brought in 2 shlepps that have gotten hurt and blasted out of parks respectively . they moved bard to the rotation and that didnt go so well either . they have no closer and their starters have not delivered , except jon lester , whose pitched lights out only to get no run support and lose his first 2 starts .
  something has to change soon , they are 1-5 to start after 2 series , or there will be plenty of seats at fenway . time for the owners to start worrying about baseball again , instead of nascar and english soccer , which theyve bought into while owning the sox . i think the sellout streak is in jeopardy .

Thursday, April 5, 2012

pretty good day in new england

not a bad day today in new england sports . alot of action today . 3of the major sports teams all played as well as boston college hockey  playing in the frozen four . the bruins beat up ottawa again who they will probably face in the first round . they got unbelievable goalie play from  anton khoudobin a relative unknown netminder playing in his 7th nhl game and first as a bruin . he set career highs in shots faced and save making 44 of them and winning 3-1 . he will backup tim thomas in at least the first round as tuukka rask heals . he proved to me hes up to the challenge . i cant wait for playoff hockey !!!!!!!
                             the celtics are in chicago tonight coming off a 1 point loss to san antonio yesterday . theyve been looking like a really good team lately blowing out the heat and giving san antonio all they want . as i write this they are blowing out chicago by 13 at the half . we"ll see what this aginggroup of veterans and exciting young stars can do come playoff time . winning their division is a big part in how far they go .
                             boston college is one of the best hockey programs in the country . many former eagles have played in the nhl . they have been ranked number 1 in the country most of the year and i expect them to win it all . 
                             and finally the red sox season is upon us . that means warm weather and summer fun is soon to follow . im just not sure how fun this team is going to be to follow . they had an epic collapse last year missing thee playoffs after going 7-20 in september . the manger and general manager were fired and some long time sox hung up theyre cleats . jason varitek and tim wakefield were true red sox  heroes . papelbohn was allowed to leave via free agency and his replacement was a cheap injury prone average closer . they didnt sign any new starting pitching but brought in some utilty outfielders and team guys . they hired bobby valentine from the broadcast booth to manage .and replaced theo with his assistant , ben cherington .
                        well the closer got hurt in spring training amndnow theyre scrambling . they dont know who goes where and they have to figure it out .
                        first game was today in detroit . they were facing the reigning league mvp justin verlander and giving the ball to jon lester for his first opening day start . it prooved to be a pitchers duel with a scorless game into the 7th inning . the sox trailed by 2 going into the 9th and tied it up but then the bullpen gave up the winning run in the bottom of the 9th to start the season off with a flop.
                             i hope they figure it out or it will bve a longb year , and maybe a short one for bobby .