Thursday, April 12, 2012

defense of the cup starts tonight .

here we go folks . the bruins start the defense of the cup tonight against the washington capitals . i personally wrote the capitals off earlier this year because the started so poorly and their coach was terminated after a couple seasons as a flawed number one seed and losing early in the playoffs . anyway they rallied and got into the playoff chase and came from nowhere to over take ottawa for the 7th seed . if the bruins let ottawa winthe 2nd to last regular season game theyd be playing ottawa tonight . but instead they did what the bruins do , beat them down .
         so this first series will be alot tougher than it would have been but i think the bruins will play their game , be physical and aggressive with everyone back on defense , and take this series in 6 games .
  lets go bruins lets go bruins lets go bruins letsgo bruins lets go bruins lets go bruins lets go bruins lets go

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